popup toaster e1267485213836 300x222 Pop Up Toaster GuideThe automatic pop-up toaster, which heats bread and then ejects it, was first patented by Charles Strite in 1919, and has been a staple in American homes ever since. In the 90+ years since its invention, the core features of the pop-up toaster remain the same: you place your bread in the slot, push down the button, and wait until your toast jumps up, hot, crispy, and ready to eat.

The first toasters generally had a shiny chrome finish, which is still available in many models. Today, however, there are a lot more options. Toasters may be metal or plastic, and colors range from the traditional black or white to the more lively bright pink, orange, red, or any other color you could want.

Color is not the only advance in toaster technology. Modern models may come with all sorts of features, such as egg cookers, automatic sensors to determine the perfect level of cooking, two slots, four slots, long slots, and more.

So whether you opt for the basic pop-up model, or the top-of-the-line toaster, know that you’ll be hearing that refreshing *pop* as your fresh toast rises to greet you. Or your belly, to be exact.

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